Beginner and general students would do well to go to Poppy’s classes. She has a fun, friendly and compassionate approach to teaching, great for beginners or those wishing to explore Iyengar yoga. You will develop a thorough understanding of the core principles of Iyengar yoga.
— Amanda Richardson - Intermediate Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Poppy is a gifted yoga teacher, she is able to combine precise and accurate guidance with sensitivity and attention to an individual’s needs. When I joined Poppy’s yoga class I was recovering from a number of debilitating injuries that were related to and compounded by childbirth. Her knowledge and guidance helped me discover and then break bad physical habits, that were causing my injuries to recur. Her combination of restorative and strengthening gave me my body back! And it’s thanks to her that I have now been able to return to work.
— Fleur Jago
Since joining Poppy’s class my appreciation of the practice of yoga has transformed. Her profound commitment to developing strength and confidence in each of us through clear instruction, demonstration and positive encouragement is inspiring. Her attention to precision and subtle adjustment in every posture allows for personal development and progress. It is always a delight to attend Poppy’s class.
— Penny Moss
After Poppy’s yoga classes I always felt both invigorated and completely relaxed, ready to face the day ahead.. Her guidance throughout the class was just what I needed - astute observations, helpful demonstrations and a really positive way of communicating the adjustments to each posture so I always felt good about what my body could do and the improvements I was making. Poppy is such a down to earth and kind teacher and I would wholeheartedly recommend her classes to anybody who wants to practise yoga.
— Laura Boon
I particularly love attending Poppy’s yoga class as she takes great care of her students and her instructions are very precise and easy to follow. There is always a good atmosphere and I feel so much better afterwards.
— Daphne Aza-Selinger
Attending Poppy’s class is one of the things I consistently commit to every week because it enables me to connect with my body and disconnect from the constant chatter in my head.  I have extremely stiff calves, hamstrings and shoulders, all of which have loosened since going to her class.  Poppy creates a welcoming, encouraging and peaceful environment and is always in tune with our individual needs. She challenges us to do our best and teaches us how to adjust our practise based on how our bodies are feeling that day.  Poppy teaches us to appreciate what our bodies are capable of rather than feel bad when we struggle to get into a pose.  Listening to her soothing voice when we are getting into Shavasana at the end, brings much needed peace to my day.
— Donna Edwards
One thing I can guarantee will happen when you go to a yoga class run by Poppy, is that whatever state you walked into it, you will leave feeling at least 10 times better! Poppy has a way of creating an environment that makes you feel at ease and comfortable, whilst challenging you with poses and stretches that afterwards your body will thank you for! It’s the best hour and a half of my week.
— Nicky, Herne Hill